Frequently Asked Questions


Build quality depends on a number of factors such as layer thickness and build environment. The Dremel printers (3D20 & 3D40) extrude filament into layers as thick as a sheet of paper, a best-in-class 100 microns (0.10mm) thick. The printers also have an active cooling fan which helps to evenly cool filament and reduce warping. They're designed to provide a fully enclosed build environment and gripped feet for stability. Lastly, an important factor is the quality of the filament used. Always use Dremel filament with Dremel's printers for the best quality.
3D20: Maximum build volume is 9” x 5.9” x 5.5” (230mm x 150mm x 140mm). 3D40: Maximum build volume is 10” x 6” x 6.7” (254mm x 154mm x 170mm). 30% larger than the 3D20.
Yes, you can print such a model with use of Print Studio, this software has the ability to add supports to your model.
Supports are designed to be easy to remove and they should leave minimal marks on your print, however if you find some marks you can sand them with fine sanding paper.
The black build tape will last up to 50 prints; the blue build tape will last up to 10 prints.
Both build tapes will provide the same quality of build, the main difference between the build tapes is the durability and slight differences in object removal.
In order to achieve the best printing position for your model, you can use the "Automatic Layout" function in Print Studio
This pre-print activity allows the extruder to flush out any old filament that may not stick properly during your print. By purging this material, you are printing with filament at the optimal print temperatures, providing maximum hold with the first layer of the print.


Dremel PLA filament is manufactured to provide the highest quality during operation and will help your Dremel 3D printer run smooth.
Yes. All Dremel PLA is compatible with the Dremel 3D printers.
You should only use Dremel PLA filament. Other filament may cause damage to the Dremel 3D printers and will void the warranty.

Idea Builder

The Dremel Idea Builder Printer (3D20 & 3D40) are high quality 3D printer that goes above and beyond to mentor users through the 3D building process and introduce users to methods for turning their ideas into reality. The Dremel 3D Builder builds in 3D which means instead of putting ink onto a flat surface like in regular printing, it builds up material in three dimensions to create an object. It heats plastic filament and then draws it out in very fine layers.
Your 3D20 will come with a quick start guide, filament (1x .5kg spool), USB cable, SD loaded with model files, build tape, an object removal tool, instruction manual, unclog tool, and leveling sheet. Your 3D40 will come with a quick start guide, filament (1x .5kg spool), USB cable, USB Flash drive loaded with model files, build tape (2), an object removal tool, instruction manual, unclog tool, and build sheet.
Yes. Dremel has worked hard to design your packaging so that un-boxing and boxing your Dremel 3D printer is quick and easy. The packaging will come in handy for future transportation and storage.
3D20: There is no door lock or monitoring on the Dremel 3D20. 3D40: On the Dremel 3D40 the doors are monitored, and both doors must be closed to initiate a remote print (from website or App). This ensures that there are no hands inside the printer when a print is started from a user who is not near it. During any other time, including building an object, opening a door will cause a warning notice to display on the screen.
No, there is no emergency stop button, however, on 3D20, the side power switch will immediately cut power to the printer. On 3D40, due to the additional electronics, there is a short delay (< 3 seconds) to fully shutdown after the power button is pressed.
The 3D40 Printer comes with benefit of ”Quik Level TM”;, which is a feature that is capable of detecting the position of the build plate with the use of smart sensor technology, and guides you through the process to achieve perfect positioning of the build plate.
Please refer model comparison chart on our website to see the differences between the 3D20 and 3D40.
No, both of Dremel's 3D Idea Builders (3D20 & 3D40) are constructed with single extruder systems.


The Dremel 3D printer warranty is different from other Dremel products because the 3D printers are very different from a power tool. Dremel offers a best-in-class warranty that is designed to the complexity of the 3D20 and 3D40 designs.


The Dremel 3D20 can only build .g3drem files. The included computer software can handle .g3drem, .3dremel, and .STL files. The Dremel 3D40 can only build .3dremel files. The included computer software can handle .g3drem, .3dremel, and .STL files.
You can also prepare files in any design software, but will need to save the file as a .g3drem (3D20) or .3dremel (3D40) with 3D Builder.
Print Studio is developed in co-operation with Autodesk, allowing you more functionality and assistance to achieve the best possible prints.
Please refer to our **design tool** section. It will provide simple step-by-step insturctions on how to get started.
Please use Print Studio and use Automatic Repair function, which will resolve your issue.
Yes, you can, majority of modeling software can export files to STL, which is the file type accepted by both Print Studio and Dremel Slicing Software.
If your model is too big and resizing is not an option, you can use the "Plane Cut" function, which will allow you to print models in two parts and you can glue them together afterwards.
Print Studio will automatically add supports to ensure good build quality, however if you would like to delete the supports before slicing, go a step back to "supports" section and delete them, Print Studio will not add them again.


The extruder may have skipped off the track as a result of the build platform not being level or due to a buildup of excess filament around the extruder tip. The Dremel 3D printer did not detect this skip and is one step ahead of the extruder. If this happens you should stop building and see instructions on cleaning the extruder tip and leveling the build platform.
It is possible that the motors are not running correctly or that the model file is corrupted. If you are using an SD card or USB flash drive, attempt the official Dremel Test Print through your computer software. If you are using the computer software, attempt to load the test print via SD card or USB flash drive. If you are still unable to move the extruder, check your printer for firmware updates by running the updater in the Dremel 3D software. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please contact Dremel's customer service department for service information or visit the Support page on
This may be the result of a build failure or a poorly constructed file. The building process may have been interrupted by the computer disconnecting, or by removing the SD card/USB flash drive during the building process. Run the Dremel Test Print to verify that your printer is working correctly, allowing the print to finish completely before disconnecting it.
Clean the Dremel 3D Idea Builder's exterior with a lint free cloth. Clear the outer surfaces of any debris that is visible. To avoid damaging your Dremel 3D printer do not use water, chemicals or other cleaners on the printer. Always check to ensure the extruder nozzle is clear of debris using common needlenose plyers. Also be sure to change the build tape at regular intervals.
Dremel's 3D Idea Builder printers (3D20 & 3D40) will turn back on to an idle state after a power disruption. The previous print project will be canceled automatically. If the extruder head is still hot, the fans will turn on to cool it down.
We do not recommend you to print any object that will come in either direct or indirect contact with food.


You can register your Dremel 3D Idea Builder by following the instructions on our registration page.
If you have additional questions, please Contact a Dremel Expert and they will be happy to help answer your questions.