Design a one-of-a-kind treasured item

Add these personalised snowflakes to your holiday décor by adding ornaments to your Christmas tree, your fireplace garland or your personalised New Years table.

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Show some personality with a unique key chain fob.

Form meets function with this personalised key chain. It's expertly designed to serve as a Dremel Rotary wrench, and a cell phone holder. Use this Customiser to quickly change and preview the fob's color so you what it will look like when it’s built. This key chain makes a great gift for anyone on your holiday list.

Customize your keychain


Tag your pet, tag your bag, put your ID on everything!

No need to drive to the pet or luggage store when you can print a custom ID tag using your Dremel 3D Idea Builder. These durable and fun tags can include name, phone number, or home address. You determine the color, text, and design, and the Customiser helps you do the rest. Design one for all of your personal items, including luggage, purses, backpacks, lunch bags.... anything that you want to claim as your own.

Customise your dog tag


Design and build a 3D bracelet in minutes.

Fashion meets technology with this 3D-printed conversation piece. Put your personal stamp on the world by building your own bracelet using this 3D Customiser, powered by the Spark 3D platform. This easy-to-use tool lets you quickly change the shape of the bracelet to fit your style and realistically shows you how it will look when it’s built. No experience required. Have fun and build on!

Customise your bracelet


Everyone's a winner when they have their very own medal.

Want to make somebody feel good? Give them a medal! A Custom 3D-printed medal is a unique way to award and provide recognition to anyone on your team or at your event. This Customiser allows you to create your personalised medal using the Dremel 3D Idea Builder. You select the color, and add personalised text or images. You can even add your own ribbon and stand proud!

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Mind to design in minutes. With Tinkercad you can quickly turn your idea into a 3D model. Take the tutorial to get started today!

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Meshmixer is the ultimate tool for 3D mashups and remixes. Mash, mix, sculpt, stamp or paint your own 3D designs, or start from over 10,000 models in the Gallery.

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