All Dremel filaments have been designed and tested to work with your Dremel 3D printers and are simply the best filament to match your DigiLab or Idea Builder 3D printer.

The 3D printers from Dremel offer 3 types of filaments:
PLA which is compatible with all 3D printers as well as Eco-ABS and Nylon for the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 - all equipped with RFID recognition for automatic printer adjustments with the Dremel 3D45 model. Purchase your Dremel filament today, and start bringing your designs to life.


PLA it is a plant-based and recyclable filament. Its eco-friendliness makes it a preferred material type for schools and those who print for displays or small household uses. The Dremel PLA is engineered for all Dremel 3D printers in 11 different colours. The filament produces a stable, strong object with a high quality finish.


Eco-ABS is a natural thermoplastic, perfect for printing durable and impact resistant 3D objects. Its strength, flexibility and higher temperature resistance make it a suitable plastic for applications in engineering and mechanical uses. The ABS-like Dremel filament is engineered for printing with your Dremel 3D45 printer and available in black.


Nylon is a synthetic polymer perfect for printing strong and flexible 3D prototypes with heavy wear resistance. Nylon is recommended for projects such as 3D printing living hinges and other functional parts. Dremel's nylon filament is engineered for printing with your Dremel 3D45 printer and available in black.


PETG is a common polymer, which is durable like ABS and easy to print like PLA. Its strength, flexibility and temperature resistance makes it ideal for mechanical parts. PETG filament has excellent layer adhesion and low chances of shrinkage and warping which brings printing with ease. Dremel’s PETG filament is engineered for printing with the Dremel 3D45 and is available in translucent.